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Shatters speaks about loss, about the moment when a relationship breaks, about the fears and instabilities for the future, emotions that I find condensed in the feeling called by Meggie Nelson 'falling into pieces.' The work stems from research into Prefiche practices in Italy, an interest in rediscovering the collectivity of mourning and a desire to create a space for grief that can in turn awaken vital energy.
Two women welcome the audience with an invitation to breathe together, to let go of thoughts or images one does not need
..Breath in and hold it. Think about something you want to let go of, something that you don't need, that doesn't serve you in this very moment. Breath it out...
At the end of the last exhalation the light goes out.
A dynamic, sharp dance full of emotion leads the two women to move through the space in an attempt to stay close in a desperate fall between life and death. The choreography elaborates on the closeness of the two bodies suffering external forces, pushed and pulled out of the relationship. The two characters then find themselves always out of place, in the impossibility of living in the present moment.

How can grief find space in our society? How do we prepare for a future that holds the consequences of the current situation of wars and catastrophes? How can we sustain ourselves? Through connection.
Shatters is for all audiences.
For those who have lost something or someone, for those grieving the loss of love, the death of a person, the loss of a job, an injury; for the broken-hearted, for souls in the process of healing, for those afraid of loss.

Concept and Choreography: Margherita Dello Sbarba 

Dance: Waithera Schreyeck, Margherita Dello Sbarba 

Dramaturgy: Valerie Wehrens
Music: Isabelle Finou

Visuals and Projections: Michelle Bocker, Anna Balthasar

Outside eye: Alexandros Anastasiadis

Pictures: Nathan Ishar

Treiler: Anna Balthasar, Margherita Dello Sbarba

© Picture Alexandros Anastasiadis


© Picture Nathan Ishar

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