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Productions with EL CUCO PROJEKT

winner of the Cologne dance award 2022 
(on going)


In the (dance) performance “CAPTCHA” by El Cuco Projekt, a group of “bats” shows us that supposed “artificial intelligence” (AI) is not a human invention, but can always be found in all kinds of networks and structures in nature: In the roots of trees, in insect colonies, in the intricate elements of climate – and yes, even in bat colonies. El Cuco Project’s whimsical animal hybrids lead the audience into a terrain where future and past melt into a single moment. As hybrid beings, they organise and disorganise themselves, absurdly mixing and juxtaposing the elements of nature with human technologies, habits and forms of communication. If AI algorithms evolve and decide for themselves, what form would they take? Would they follow linear forms like those of an Excel spreadsheet or Ikea furniture? Or would they follow the chaotic geometry of spreading liquids, the shape of galaxies or the roots of trees?

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© Picture Julia Franken

solo work
Tennis Match

Production with MIRA


As a virtual assistant, artificial intelligence takes decisions from our everyday lives. Can AI also help create art?

MIRA 11_shift explores the interplay between humans and technology in dance. Movement suggestions from an application developed for and with MIRA are at the center of the choreographic process. Contrasts between personal and anonymous, dispossessing and appropriating, and human and inhuman are explored in a performance in which the dancers' physicality is juxtaposed with the infinite possibilities of AI. In a unified language of movement, the individual thus manifests itself in detail.

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© Picture Julia Franken

New creation with Dans Kapot


Dans Kapot is an event which transforms a concert into a performance, into a gathering, into a game, into a party. It plays in the limit between a show and a  participatory event.

The project is directed by Alexandros Anastasiadis and is a collaboration with the group Don Kapot. The piece is produced by JazzLab and will premier in Brugge (Belgium) in November 2023.

© Picture Thomas Geuens

Recircling by Yana Novotorova 


How can energy be made manifest through body and dance? How is it transferred and transformed between bodies? Recircling investigates the notion of energy from the perspective of physics, focusing on the principles of renewable energy production. Against the backdrop of the global depletion of energy resources, the performance uses artistic means to make the processes of energy transmission, transformation, as well as exhaustion tangible.

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by Khadidiatou Bangoura



What emotions does everyday racism trigger? What are the historical origins of everyday racism? How does it manifest in our everyday life  and how do we talk about it? What coping mechanisms do the affected have?  'FÜHL DIE WELT DURCH MEINE HAUT - Observations on everyday racism' explores these questions through dance while offering a change of perspective based on a thought-experiment.

The Urge by Ceren Oran


© Picture Ester Joy

Moves between bed and cupboard, a classic variation in front of the kitchenette. Release on the balcony. Home videos from the lockdown in Spring 2020. Soloistic. Pandemic. Uploaded to social media. There are all testimonies to the urge of the dancers and choreographers to dance and remain visible. Ceren Oran uses these finds for her performance “ The Urge” and takes it out onto the streets.

The premiere of the The Urge took Place simultaneously in Munich Berlin and Cologne on may 8 th at the DANCE 2021 Festival. Due to the pandemic restrictions, it debuted as a digital livestream.

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