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In connection with it all. a ritual of disappearing 2.jpg connection with it all.
a ritual of disappearing 


" connection with it all" explores the fleeting threshold that lies just beyond life, somewhere between here and there, now and then, in a trio for dance, music and audio-reactive projection.

The preparatory sounds of the violin, the unfolding zips, the colophony on the bow’s hairs, the tuning..create the ARRIVING soundscape that slowly transforms into a loop, inviting the two whirling bodies of a musician and a dancer to explore their relation in the loss of control: attracting, repulsing each other and eventually finding synchronicity.

As the loop dissolves, improvisation emerges; graphics, sound and dance BECOME porous and permeable bodies that react and spread in unison, pregnant with unknown, until DISAPPEARING into connection with each other. As the music rasps and fades, breath and light fill the space now inhabited by the memories left behind.

A “ritual of disappearing”, a journey into past, present and future, in the circularity of time and body through loneliness and togetherness.

Concept, Choreography & Dance: Margherita Dello Sbarba 

Violin, Composition, Performance: Justyna Niznik

Visuals, Live-Projections: Hala Ghatasheh 

Dramaturgy: Valerie Wehrens 


© Picture Michael Maurissens

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