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Beyond the Threshold of I


“Beyond the Threshold of I” is the second chapter of Margherita’s research on loss and disappearance. The performance expands and focusses on the exploration of the concept of identity as a fluid, unstable, moving being that exists in relation to others. It springs from the reflection around the definition of the self during the covid-19 pandemic: what parts of the “I” disappear when living in forced isolation? Trough words, dance and visual art, we explore the boundaries between personal and collective identity. 

Concept and Choreography: Margherita Dello Sbarba

Co-creation and Performance: Francesco D'Amelio, Tamora Dinklage, Anna Roßmüller, Josefine Luka Simonsen, Sebastian Varra, Dimitrios Vasilakis

Video: Vincent Köhr

Music: Ben Frost, SidiRum & Barda, Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald, Labradford

Costumes: Margherita Dello Sbarba, Francesco D'Amelio 


Created during a residency in Studio Pro Arte Freiburg and with the support of the crowdfunding initiative with StartNext. 

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© Picture Nathan Ishar

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